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Courage and Resilience or What I Learned from Reading "Option B"

Option B: Facing Adversity, Building Resilience and Finding Joy by Sheryl Sandberg

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Drawing from a recent personal tragedy, Sheryl Sandberg chronicles the impact of the devastating setback to her personal and professional life, and how, with the accessible support of her family, friends, coworkers, professional help, and other resources readily available to a person of her stature (and by extension her children), she was able able to start on the road of recovery, open herself up to the possibilities of an Option B, and even manage to grow in character. Option B is a metaphor, referring to the alternative in the face of the sudden, unexpected unavailability of Option A. Lending credence to her sobering learning is the expert contribution of noted psychologist, Wharton professor, and best-selling author, Adam Grant, who is the co-author.

This book intersperses the author's own healing journey with stories of others' tragedies and recoveries. Those of us w…
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Why Raise the Bar?

A curious “Eureka!” moment happened to me one evening after dining at a Chinese buffet. It came with the help of a fortune cookie.

A what? Yes, a fortune cookie.

Let me backtrack a bit for context.

In recent months, I have gone through a few job interviews. If you remember what that is like, you may also recall the standard questions asked. One of which is your ideal work environment, the kind that supports your success.

While I have honest responses at the ready, still, going through this exercise with regularity has inevitably made me do a lot more introspection after each interview. Indeed, exactly what kind of environment has allowed me to thrive and thus, enabled me to contribute the most gains towards success?  I knew the answer was anchored in the push, the empowerment, and above all, the common mindset we shared, but I haven’t narrowed it down to a phrase or a word.

The answer came to me one evening after dining at a Chinese buffet, oddly, in a fortune cookie. It sa…

Don't Do It! Don't Sell Yourself Short

“Sell yourself short”– to not consider someone or something to be as valuable or good as he, she, or it deserves. (Cambridge Dictionary) To sell yourself short, in this context, is to give up holding out for the best fit job opportunity and take the first job available, because you just have to find employment. In a way, to give up on yourself. Don’t do it! It can be very tempting. Practical. Seemingly better than the status quo. Some may even argue: “realistic”. Related: Are You Underemployed? I understand. When you are dealt with very few career opportunities, after spending considerable time and effort presenting yourself as the great candidate that you are, you start to tire of the process. You are likely to become desperate. Opportunists who sense your discouragement may take advantage and extend a second-rate offer. You can’t blame them. After all, you just might accept. Now whose responsibility is that? Yours. In your despair, you start grasping at straws. You begin looking fo…

America, Rise Above the Hate

America, rise above the hate. Rise above the evil distractions that are poised to make us falter and fall. We all matter.Stop the madness. We are destroying each other and for what? 
Our enemies are watching us, praying for us to destroy ourselves. 
In the midst of global terrorism, this is the time for unity and solidarity. Surely, the mighty fall when divided! We are being divided with these seeds of hate for one another. 
We have an enemy not just without, but within. Be wary of this insidious enemy and strike it.
Respect and Dignity. These are the values that we must strive to possess. Rise above. Rise above.
‪#‎alllivesmatter‬‪#‎backtheblue‬ #GodblessAmerica

Listening is Not About You

True leaders work diligently and sincerely to be the best listeners in their organization. It is no small feat because not all have “great listening skills” coming on as second nature.  Much like other top leadership skills we acquire, active listening is developed and constantly honed. 
The Big 6:  An Active Listening Skill Set
What is the impetus for a leader to develop enhanced listening skills? Is it merely to check off an item on a list of skills? Is it to come off on the surface as sympathetic? Is it to create supportive and loyal followers? To get a team on your side? Is it to placate others? If you make an effort to actively listen to others, is that a favor they owe you?  What do you expect of them in exchange? Should you?

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I am both a leader and a follower. In my experience, leaders who become experts at active listening have the ability to sift through the clutter of extraneous information and derive key insight…

Flashback Post: My First Blog, 2007

I found this blog that I have posted for the first time in February 2007. I am reposting it here because it has been nine years since. I am always amused at how I saw things for the first time in America. 
Okay, I am one of the countless immigrants who came to America in my adulthood.  This happened about half a decade ago.
I am not an American citizen by birth. I came from the Philippines -- a developing* nation * I refuse "third world"; just developing...slowly).
I grew up in Manila and lived there until my mid-30s.  It was there that my character was molded, where I developed friendships, formed values, standards, a way of life that conformed to the Filipino socio-cultural-political system.   Immigrating was quite the uproot for me.
As soon as I arrived, I keenly observed and learned the differences in the way of life here vs. the one I left behind.  For months, like a sponge, I would soak up all that is presented before me.  I knew that if my adjustment was t…

Funny Love Story - Animated Short Film "Helga"