Thursday, October 2, 2014

Why I Run Faster and Try Harder As an Immigrant

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Oh, hello there. Got a few minutes to spare today so here I am.

I could not have said it better myself after reading this post from Tech Crunch entitled:  "An Immigrant Experience". This is probably why I seem to close faster than someone who is not as hungry for the achievement.. 

As an immigrant, I NEVER dare take anything for granted. Nothing is my “RIGHT” to have; I consider everything something I EARN.  It is a privilege. I try harder to get back to where I was or close to it. It is survival. It is “Darwinian”.

Thursday, July 31, 2014

Vindicating Article on Feeling Underutilized, if not, Underemployed

Boo!  I'm baaack...

  "Seven Signs You're Too Smart for Your Job" - repost

Albert Einstein, Physicist, Scientist - 1879-1955

Finally!  An expert who writes about an experience I know others share with me but are reluctant to say it for fear of being labeled ungrateful, unappreciative, flighty or...horrors!.."not a team player", in a time when job opportunities (not even talking of "career" opportunities) are scarce. We all do what we can to 'survive' at some point, immigrant or not, and think we should just be happy over the short commute, the fact that we even have a job, that we earn  money for very little expected of us, etc. etc. Been there, done that a few times and never regretted moving on.

Glad that an expert has perfectly articulated that nagging feeling I had in those awfully boring work situations. Situations that can really make you unhappy, unfulfilled, and slowly kill your brain cells.

What makes this especially more difficult for me is that I am reminded constantly, by others like me, that I am an immigrant who has secured a second life here in America. Someone who did not graduate from a US university, fortunate enough to be working alongside natural born citizens who have acquired degrees from universities here, if not competing for the jobs to which they should have priority access. Excuse me. Apparently, that is really a disadvantage: not benefiting from a US education. Why? Am I any less smart than everyone else? Do I produce sub-standard work as a result of my immigration status? Should I forever confine myself to feeling "second class"? Never!

Enough rant. I really related with this article. Bow.