Monday, January 18, 2016

Down but not out

Image from CBC Sports

Feeling a wee bit emotional today...more disappointed than anything. Yet the fighter that I am, I will just keep rolling with the punches. I truly believe in my heart that everything happens at the right time and for a very good reason. That said, I don't mean I sit around and wait for "destiny" to happen. I have a full role in how my life plays out.

However, there are things that are meant to happen. You see them coming, a mile away. You do your best and with a tad of hope, think they may still take a turn. You can still have a different ending.

But alas, that is the point you realize how limited your control is, really, over things of a grander nature. I am humbled once more but as always, I rise above. I thank you in advance for always sending positive vibes my way and pray the same for you. I am tempted to insert all the positive cliches I know of here but let's just not do that, shall we?